7 Days Digital timer

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7 Day Digital Timer Plug-in Switch: This 7-day digital timer has up to 10 “ON” and “OFF” switches per day and 24 hours, 7 days, weekend/weekday settings available. It also has advanced random, countdown, and summertime functions. The backup battery is rechargeable.

• Program up to 20 ON/OFF per day
• Minimum Timer Setting: 1 Minute
• Maximum Setting: 7 Days
• Summer/Winter Time Options
• Big LCD Display
• Totally safe totally silent
• 240V ~50Hz 10A, Max. 2400W
• No Moving Parts to Break
• Easy Installation, Simply Plug-In
• Barcode: 9324747011244
• Packing: Clamshell Packing, 12/48

Warning: For Indoor Use Only