CR2032 3V Lithium Button Cell 4BP

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CR2032 3V Lithium Button Cell

* Computer memory back-up, cameras, remote controls, calculators, thermometers, car alarms and watches…

* Dependable power and High energy density

* Wide range of operating temperature range of -40C to 60C

* Flat discharge voltage and environmentally friendly

* 4pc pack

Keep batteries away from young children at all times.

Danger of swallowing of small batteries by children.

May explode or leak causing serious injury if used incorrectly,  wetted, placed in the mouth or swallowed.

Please be aware that all batteries, even if seemingly flat retain some energy and contain potentially harmful ingredients.

So, for all batteries: 
DO NOT dispose of in fire, insert/install improperly into equipment, wet or place in any liquid, disassemble or break open, mix new with used batteries or any other battery type;
NEVER, in any way, charge primary (non-rechargeable) batteries.  Please be aware that batteries may charge or reverse-charge between each other if installed incorrectly (e.g. reversely) into equipment or if allowed to be in electrical contact together (e.g. several loose batteries placed in bag).

Any improper use of batteries may result in battery explosion or leakage causing serious injury.

Keep batteries in original packaging until actual use is required.  Dispose of old or unwanted batteries immediately.  Please place into allowable waste or allowable recycling (in accordance with your local authorities).

If any battery is swallowed, call medical emergency immediately and treat urgently.