Gravity Car Phone Holder

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– Gravity Linkage Design: Automatically locks and releases when you put your phone in

and take it out.

– 360° Rotation Viewing Angle: The pivot joint lets you adjust the cradle into a convenient

position and view your phone comfortably. Great for navigation, hands free calls and

Face ID., safely enhance your driving experience.

– One-Hand Operation – With a quick release button the phone can be easily inserted and

quickly released, the arms quickly expand out to their full width

– Full Protection – Soft rubber padding protects your phones from scratch

– Universal Compatibility: It will firmly hold all the smart phones (4.4-6.7inch) even with

thick case (0-0.12inch).

– Compatible With Most Of Air Vents: It is extremely flexible vent clip fits any car with

horizontal & vertical vent blades, and never falls off your air vent.

– Gift-box packing, 12/48