USB Powered Mini Air Cooler

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  • Lightweight and compact- Sits unnoticed on your desk or bedside table, requiring a minimal amount of space
  • Silent Running Motor- At a tiny 30dB, is the quietest mini air cooler in its class, ideal for a restful night’s sleep or an uninterrupted work day
  • USB Powered- Low power consumption
  • Smart Refill Alerts- The built-in water level indicator and low-level alert ensures you’re never without cooled air, or forget to top up before bed


  • Material: ABS • Power Supply: USB Plug-in
  • LED Night Light • Working Power: 5V/1A, 5W max.
  • Gear: 3 Gears • Size: 166 x 152 x 145mm(Approx.)
  • Water Tank: 300ml • Three Speed Options

Package Includes:

1 x Air Cooling Fan        1 x USB Cable             1 x User Manual

How does Mini Cooler work?

Uses efficient evaporative cooling technology that mixes water

vapor with air, producing a constant, calm & refreshing airflow

that gives you the sensation of a chilled outdoor breeze.

Simply top up the water reservoir in your Cooler with fresh water

for a constant and sustained cooling breeze.

For added cooling effectiveness, you can even add some ice!