Dry/Wet Food Vacuum Sealer

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● 2 Modes: dry and moist with 15ml liquid overflow capacity

● Prevents damage to the motor with the overflow compartment

● Removes oxygen to help inhibit bacterial growth

● Locks in optimal freshness

● Preserve and marinate foods for intense flavor

● Perfect for Sous Vide cooking

● Built-in bag cutter and heat sealing feature

● Status display screen and touch-sensitive buttons

● 5 vacuum bags included


● Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

● Power: 110W

● Product Dimension:382*104*62mm

● Mechanical to close the vacuum lip

● Material: ABS

● Vacuum pressure:-60Kpa/-80Kpa

● Sealing time: 11S

● Pump capacity: 5L/min

● Seal Wire width: 2.5mm

● Max bag width: 30cm

● Gross weight: 1.1kgs


Extracting air and oxygen from the packaging, this Dry/Wet Food Vacuum

Sealer helps to extend food freshness longer, with a liquid overflow

capacity to lock-in moisture and protect the motor from damage.