Sound Active Disco Laser Party Light

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1. Power Supply: USB 5V (not included)

2. Work mode: Auto play/Sound play.

3. Best Projection Distance: 2-10m.

4. Laser Source: High quality Laser Diode, Green: 532nm, Red: 450nm, 130 the designed laser spot.

(in the pattern) has a power of less and 0.1mw and can be used safely.

5. Mode button: OFF- Auto Play – Auto Play + Sound play – Sound play – OFF.

6. Sound mode: At Suitable range distance, with the music of the ring (bass), changes in the pattern of strong and weak.

7. Auto play: patterns moving and change, in auto play have flash play, and with stop 2 seconds to run 2 seconds, running a separate color, alone laser color play and so on.

8. Material: Black Aluminum housing.